iNSTNT (by Sysmo) – Release Party ft. DJ &ry (Henry Baboy)

The Wine Bunker, 26 avril 2024

iNSTNT (by Sysmo) - Release Party ft. DJ &ry (Henry Baboy)

iNSTNT (by Sysmo) – Release Party ft. DJ &ry (Henry Baboy)

The Wine Bunker, 26 avril 2024
20h00 : Doors
21h00 : iNSTNT
22h30 : DJ &ry (Henry Baboy)
02h00 : End


5€ (after 22h30)
The Wine Bunker
Rue Picard 3, 1000 Bruxelles

🔥 We are happy and proud to present our new project : iNSTNT – Live composed music🔥

This is a first and we are looking forward to share this new madness with you.
For this premiere, we wanted to come back to a « Club » format, meaning that the iNSTNT concert will be followed by an after party.

After more than 10 years on stage with SYSMO, Matters Collective finally decides to enter into creation mode for a new artistic project.

The objective remains the same: to put the crowd in a trance with a powerful, rhythmic and dancing music.

The « now » is always at the center of the group’s concern, but it is the pool of instruments that reinvents itself. The rythm with signs, starting point of improvisation and instant composition, is now at the service of melody and harmony!

We no longer have a percussion orchestra but a multi instrumental band : two keyboardists, a bassist, a guitarist, a drummer and a percussionist.

We set the tone : it goes hard!

And the evening does not stop there, indeed from 10:30 pm, DJ &ry (Henry Baboy) takes control of the dancefloor with his turntables to make you dance the night away!

iNSTNT is :
Claviers & machines Chaeyeon LEE
Claviers & machines Jerry KUAN
Guitare & machines – direction Jerome CASTIN
Basse & machines Issam LABBENE
Percussions – direction Tadzio Baudoux
Batterie – direction Davy PALUMBO



Dj &ry (Henry Baboy)

Des stages trop bien, Fais ton choix ! La magie du Rythme Signé et de la composition instantanée !